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The Girls’ Beds Project from April 5, 2010

Benches are coming together


Just a reminder- my project is the girls beds. I am basing them on Knock-off Wood’s plans for the Stratton Daybed.
Here is my project plan again for reference:
Ok, so I have learned something- nailguns have a learning curve. And as I build the girls beds I am also learning that your wood can be bowed, or maybe cut slightly crooked. So you work with the flow and try to stay as square as possible. It is good that I wasn’t planning on any drawers for these beds as I kinda nailed crooked a few times. But I plan on setting the nails into the wood and puttying over so hopefully it will be unnoticeable- not to mention not scratch the girls when they play in the cubbies- which I know they will.
I did completely ruin the first set I tried to nail together. I have decided that one this project- you can’t have too many pencil lines to guide me in putting the pieces together. Since I will be sanding before painting, they will not be seen and whatever helps, right?
Ana’s directions call to put the bottom piece on, then the divider then the top. But I found if I put the divider in first- it gives me a place to rest the bottom piece while I glue and nail it in place. Everybody has their own way of doing things and that is what works best for me.
If things go well, I will get the wood for the last bench (the one I ruined) tomorrow and get it sanded and put together.
At this point I should also mention that I have not put the top on the benches yet- I want to prime and paint before I do so that I don’t have to try to reach into the cubbies with a paint sprayer, and I don’t trust the paint brush to do a clean enough job- unless of course I am doing touch up.
In other news- I have found the dark pink material for the girls bedding. Now I just need to find a nice flowered material for the light pink or yellow. I have the most wonderful pillowcase tutorial from You Can Quilt . I believe it is called the Double Cuffed Pillowcase.

Well, it is time for bed- busy day tomorrow. Meeting with the chiropractor I had evaluate my back today. Tomorrow’s meeting is to give me the results of the xray and evaluation and to determine a treatment plan. Wish me luck.


Sanding, Sanding Sanding from March 28, 2010

Sanding, Sanding, Sanding


did I mention sanding? lol. The backsides of all the plywood except 3 are sanded, sanding sealered (is that a word, lol), and sanded again. They are waiting for primer and paint now. I am considering putting together the benches without the tops before primering. That way the paint will seal the edges and leaving the tops off will let me get into the cubbies without contorting myself. I am already so stiff from sanding the 12 million boards (okay really only 30 (5 for each bench times 6 benches) but it seems so many when you are doing them. I also have a sunburn on the back of my neck. I moved the whole sanding operation to the backyard so I could be with the kids while they were in the sandbox and also so I could spreadout as it is a bit crowded in the garage with all the new tools and the boards. Speaking of which- I finished resanding as it was getting dark and rushed the boards back to the garage so that the dew wouldn’t find them- Wood and Water don’t mix- especially if they haven’t been primered yet!
I couldn’t sleep last night because muscles I didn’t know I had used were pointing out that they were uncomfortable. Ugh. I am going to have a hot bath in about 20 minutes before bed so that my muscles will relax (I hope).
Plans are proceeding along with the beds- but I will be taking tomorrow off as I am preparing for first night seder. We invited friends over (what was I thinking as the house is a disaster? – sand from the kids new turtle sandbox and sawdust I have tracked in, along with all the usual crumbs under the table and laundry up to my ears)
Tuesday during the day I will try to get priming done.


The Girls’ Beds project from March 10, 2010

New Project: Beds for the girls room


Having been inspired by Shanty2Chic, I followed her link to Knock-off Wood. Have you ever visited? I have been totally inspired to build my own furniture. Ana White- of Knock-off Wood started her blog 5 months ago- and in 4 short months had 1,000,000 followers, and after being noticed by William Sonoma for using their pics and names (even though she gave proper credit) has now grown to 2,000,000. She writes plans for furniture like those sold for 1000% markup from what you can build.
I am building the daybed that she has plans for. Well, I am building 2 of them and may, at some point, build another 2. My 3 year old twin girls need to move out of the toddler/crib beds and into twins but after shopping everywhere for beds less that 200 dollars apiece, (for cheaply made bed that may or may not last 3 years), I have decided to build my own. My inspiration is the PB storage bed in this configuration:I am using Ana’s storage daybed plans, and my dad showed me how to use my table saw that I purchased after one Home Depot told me 1/8 of an inch short was acceptable (hah!) But I discovered I was short by 3 pieces so I went to a different Home Depot and had them cut my wood. Eric at Home Depot in Pflugerville totally rocks! He cut with precision – and didn’t even charge me for the cuts! I brought all my pieces home and piled it up in the garage.
I spent some time last night, and some time today sanding the backsides of the Cabinet grade plywood.
Here is a sanding tip for you- try to sand outside, or else you will have white powdery dust allover the garage. Don’t ask me how I know that hahaha.
These beds are for my girls so I want to make sure that they are sturdy and very smooth, including in the cubbies. So, I did an initial sanding (and wood filler) today (and some last night). I am going to apply sanding sealer and let dry (instructions say 2 hrs) and then resand. I am not painting them today because I am going to do that step outside and it is very windy, although absolutely beautiful, today in Pflugerville. I really need to figure out how to make the corner unit- this configuration at PB is 1600 dollars, not including shipping. AAAK!
Want to see the inspiration for the room?
So far, not including the cost of tools- since I will use them for multiple projects- I have the following invested:
6 sheets of cabinet grade plywood- 2 sheets at 23.00= 46.00
4 sheets at 29.00= 116.00
Benjamin Moore Stem Green paint 1 gallon at 27.00= 27.00

So a total for supplies of $189.00 for supplies.

Now tool wise I have spent a few hundred recently- purchased a table saw, sliding compound miter saw, compressor and nailgun (purchased to replace the stairs, gotta tell you- it is sweeeeet!), and yesterday I purchased a heavy duty palm sander (love it) and a paint sprayer to make painting easier.
Now I need to get these beds built to justify the purchases! If these turn out well, the boys will get new beds that match – probably in espresso color. On another note- my Home Depot today was so crowded- everyone is doing weekend projects I guess.


A Chronic Case of what?

Yes, I have to confess- I look at things all the time and say, “I can make that, I can do that, I can build that… ” Tell me I am not the only one.  Tell me I am not the only one who has a stack of Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Crate and Barrel, and Land of Nod catalogs lying around for inspiration.  I admit- I am addicted to Pinterest,, Sawdust Girl, Shanty 2 Chic- .  I want to be like them someday- a big blogger, who gets invited to Haven, who gets asked how I did something.

I have 4 young children (10 yr old boy, 8yr old boy, and 6 yr old girl twins).  I dabble in building furniture, professional photography, sewing boutique clothing, and I teach Israeli Dance every Tuesday night at the J in Austin, TX.  I also work a full time job.  I often want the nicer things (boutique clothing, Pottery Barn style furniture for instance) but I don’t have the money, and would want to spend the amount of money it would take to buy a house full of furniture from Pottery Barn. If you can’t buy it, make it is what I say.  I will be posting a few older projects and then will post what I have in store.  I hope I get a few readers, and at the very least I will have a record of my trevails.

btw- where does Pomeranch come from?  My married last name is Pomerantz- and we used to own 15 acres in East Texas that we called the Pomeranch.  We now live in Pflugerville, but we have kept the name.  See you soon.