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Tile for the stairs

I will let you in on a little secret (two in fact).  I HATE CARPET and I have a fear of color commitment.  On this project I took the plunge and made the commitment.

My stairs have been through a few changes since our original move in date in 2008.  Originally my stairs were carpeted.  (WHY?  Really, Why?) and I spotted a post about ripping carpet off stairs and redoing the wood underneath.  Unfortunately the wood underneath were rough 2x10s.  So I had to rip those off, and I replaced the treads and risers with pine treads from Lowes.  I stained them- and forbade the kids to walk on them for a few hours- this was an epic fail because I found little girl foot prints on the stairs.  While adorable- not what I was going for but toooo late.  I lived with this for a few years.  I cannot find pictures from before- sorry- I remember having them but what can you do?

When we got a unusually large tax refund one year- I bought Brazilian Koa laminate for the front rooms, craft room, gameroom, sparebedroom, and the matching treads for the stairs.  The treads are gorgeous.  For the landing I used the laminate, and a matching stair nose.  – now I hate hate hate raised threshholds and I was going to have to do this for the stair noses and I said “No Way, Jose” and hacked it myself.  Using glass tile and cement backer board, I used 1 line of tile as a transition.  I love it and it looks beautiful.

That is where my color commitment came in- I went with a glass tile from Floor & Decor that came in aqua, grey, white,  in a mix of glass and stone.  This means I need to pull that blue in in other design elements.  I used the same tile to transition between flooring in the hall and gameroom, the hall and Itai’s room, and the hall and the craft room.  I am so glad I did- no raised threshholds to scrape across between rooms!

Okay- back to the stairs-

A year went by while I exercised my fear of laying tile on a vertical surface and I finally decided to pay someone to install it for me on the stair risers.  So happy with the finished project- it has been two years and still looks awesome.

This is the landing at the top of the stairs

This is the landing at the top of the stairs

stairssorry this pic is fuzzy- I will try to get a better pic soon.


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