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Project: Itai’s Lord of the Rings room

has begun!  A few months ago after I finished the boys room with the plywood floor, Itai decided he wanted his own room.  So he moved into our spare bedroom.  The room has been a storage catchall, and is painted a powder blue, with an inspirational quote and shelves, and none of Itai’s personality.

When making my project list for the year- Itai’s room and my craftroom closet were top of the list.  Itai decided it has to be a lord of the rings room- why can’t it be star wars?  You can find all kinds of Star Wars themed items right now- but not Lord of the Rings.  And he has definite ideas about what he wants in it.  Art, shelves, bunk beds, he has something in mind for it all.

I didn’t take a picture before I started (I was too ashamed of how it looked, with boxes, books, empty lego boxes and plastic bags, a big huge bed, and nothing organized at all.)  Here is how it looks now without the carpet (ha!  Now only one room has carpet in it- that is my bedroom- and only because my room is the most neglected room in the whole house)


The first pic is the view from the hall to the window, and the second pic is the view from the corner by the window to the door.

The first order of business was to clear everything from the room.  This entailed finding a million and one lego pieces in the carpet, along with 1 and 1/2 contractor trashbags full of papers, boxes, and lego wrappers off the floor.  There was also a queen sized bed, a cabinet, a corner desk, and baskets, and rubbermaid tubs full of what should be in the craft room closet but didn’t have a place to put it.

Next- out came the carpet, and tack strips.  This I am intimately familiar with as this is the next to last room that had carpet (Did I mention I have a vendetta against carpet?)

Tomorrow morning I will take out the closet door and door molding inside the room, and all the base boards.  Then we will be ready for paint.  Itai has chosen Glidden Parchment White as the color as it is Hobbit Hole color.  Now granted- we only can see the color briefly in the movie and while there are tons of pictures on google images, there is not a clear picture anywhere to show the color.  So Parchment white is as good a color as any.  Here is a glimpse at the Project Board I have made for Itai.

Itai Project Board

The map of Middle Earth is huge- and will be above a desk on the long wall to the left of the door.  In the corner on the same wall will be 3 tree trunks (Itai says like Mallorn wood) with trunk rings for shelves- this will be the display for his built legos.  the opposite wall will have bunk beds in the middle of the wall.  On the side near the window will be a reading nook with a bookshelf with more branches.  The other side of the bunk beds, near the closet with be an Art Wall.  He found these water color art pieces of Viviprint, but we might see if we can diy them.  I will be doing my second plywood floor, this time in 7″ strips, and stained a cross between Minwax Cherry stain and Colonial Maple.

So wish me luck!- here I go!



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