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Dog Crate with a Drawer


First project for 2016- and it wasn’t even on the list!

Goodness- I made my project list for 2016- and had every intention on starting the craft closet build- but……. when we picked up our dogs from sister, she told us that instead of them sleeping in separate kennels, they have been sleeping together while we were in Israel.   I have had Ana White’s Large Dog Crate Plan pinned to my pinterest board for AGES!   A kennel and an end table together?  Just what I needed.    Here is a gratuitous picture of my sweet puppies- introducing Gabi (the mini dachshund) and Sophie (the Havachon).


Both dogs are small- so I was going to need to size the kennel down- I got the measurements of kennels from Petsmart, and I looked at the measurements on Ana’s site.  I decided I wanted to add some functionality as well.  – I wanted a drawer, to hold puppy treats and brushes.  But this will also be an end table for my nest.  well, couch.  There is one spot on the couch where I always sit- the end table usually gets every piled on it- papers from the kids for school, pens and pencils, my project plans and anything else that I have going on.

For the kennel I decided on 20h x 19″w x 28″d.  The drawer would be 7″ total making the height of the kennel 27″- the same as the plans from ana white.

Now this year, we are on a very tight budget for the first half of the year- any project I do has to be a little at at time- so just for fun I went out to my woodpile in the garage- I didn’t have any 1x3s but I did have 1x2s- and the crate is for small dogs- so sizing down to 1x2s is probably more scale appropriate.   I must have bought a bunch of 1x2s for another project that I decided not to do, or that I used something else in place.  So I didn’t have to buy any wood, I did have to buy drawer slides and one can of stain, but that was it.

I started with the front piece.  1x2s cut to the right size- pocket screws to make them into a frame.  They were perfectly square!.  I built a second frame to go inside to make the door- but instead of wood slats, I chose to use hog wire fencing- painted rustoleum hammered oil rubbed bronze.  Side and back frames with plywood for the bottom panels.  – cut with my wonderful Festool track saw!  Love that thing.  I used more hog wire fencing.  I assembled the box using pocket screws and I added corner L brackets in the bottom corners for strength.  The bottom I cut from 1/2″ plywood.  Next on top was another 1/2″ inch plywood top.  Then I assembled the drawer frame using a 1x6x8.  Glue and pocket screws attached the drawer frame to the crate.  I built the drawer from a 1x4x8.  I made it 24″ deep and used full extension slides to take advantage of the whole space.

The top to the drawer unit is another piece of 1/2″ plywood.  I cut it a little bigger on the front and sides but installed it flush with the back.  I also added trim, and spray painted it with Rustoleum Black Laquer- sanding between three coats.  It is as smooth as butter!  – it looks awesome with the provincial stain I used for the crate itself.

Black hinges, black slide lock, and a black drawer handle finish it off.  I am sooooo pleased.






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Dee - January 6, 2016 - 9:38 pm

Awesome. My Sophie would love it too.

Jake Helms - January 21, 2016 - 6:34 pm

How can I get a set of plans for it?

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