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Project List for 2016

Hi everyone- it is the first day of 2016 and I am looking forward to the projects I have planned for this year!  I have so many projects that I want to do- so I am listing them here to keep me accountable and to check off as I complete them. Itai’s Room

First on my list is Itai’s new room- after I completed the Plywood Floor and the bed, Itai decided he no longer wanted to share a room with Ari, and has moved into the spare bedroom.  and immediately after Itai moved out, Ari, who normally would sleep on the floor, decided he would sleep in the bed Itai abandoned.  It worked out for everyone!

This means that Itai got stuck with the spare bedroom- a modge podge of Items piled for storage, furniture that doesn’t match at all, and nothing to show Itai’s personality at all.  It is his turn to have a redecorated room and I am just the person to give it to him- only thing is- he has requested a Lord of the Rings room.  What?  Of all the themes, this is what he chose.   After some research- it is doable- and I am kind of excited to make this happen– I hope it turns out well- here is the plan…

1) Paint- powder blue is not a lord of the rings color- we are going with a more neutral color- perhaps a white grey- Itai wanted a wooden room but I have to consider the future when he no longer wants a LOTR room.  I will paint the room and the ceiling the same color.

2) Floor- this is one of two rooms that has carpet still- out it goes!  I will be putting in another plywood floor, this will be a wider plank and be of a lighter color- not so golden as Ari’s floor.  (have I mentioned I don’t like carpet?)

3) Bed- we are going bunk beds!  somewhere along the lines of this pin I found on pinterest Lord of the Rings Bunk Beds  I think that I will build a basic bunk bed and use cedar posts for the ladder and facade.  Not sure yet- going to get the walls and floor taken care of first.

4) Desk- we will need to come up with a desk idea that we can both agree on.  The kids are not allowed to have their computers in their rooms so it doesn’t need to hold a laptop or desktop- but needs to be good for doing homework- and for his writing projects he likes to create for himself.

5)  Decor- Itai wants a big map of Middle Earth it is 63″x45″- he is thinking he wants it on the same wall as the bunk beds- but I am not so sure.  We are negotiating:)  He also has a wooden bow that my mom found at a garage sale- we will find a way to display it , maybe with some arrows if I can make/find any.  There are tons of quotes and art having to do with LOTR on Pinterest.  Also Itai has tons of lego characters and memoribilia so I am going to build a book case- probably also out of cedar- that will hold it for display.  I need to decide what kind of window treatment would work well- he doesn’t like a lot of light in the morning so something to block the windows… maybe wooden blinds?

Craft Room Closet

Second on my list is the craft room closet- The pomeranch is a 6 bedroom, 2 story home.  The 6th bedroom is a 2nd master- with a smaller bathroom but a long skinny closet.  Have any of you seen Sandra’s closet on Sawdust Girl?  She is such an inspiration!  I am going to build a built in closet similar to hers- with drawers and hanging space galore.  This will give me much needed craft storage and yet if we ever need to sell the home- will make a wonderful selling point.  I am planning all white with chrome drawer pulls.  I will include some jewelry drawers and some much needed shoe storage (which for craft room purposes will hold sewing machines when not in use.  I will put some either open shelves above the hanging space, or some doors to hide clutter, or a combo of all of it in order to utilize all the space.   Lighting will be a rectangular light fixture, and maybe a couple of can lights.  I will be posting a more detailed description in a dedicated post.  The walls will be painted all white as well.  As much as I loved Sandra’s planked ceiling, it isn’t right in our home so the ceiling will be painted white.

Pantry Closet

Like many homes, our house has a pantry closet that looks like a bedroom closet- it has two doors that open and wire shelves for the food.  It has about 12 inches of black hole on each side that food disappears inside only reappearing when I bravely clean the pantry.  I am going to pull out the wall to open it up and build custom cabinets with drawers and doors.  Also I will utilize the top 36 inches that is just wasted at the top.  It can hold appliances and water jugs, platters and more.    In case you are wondering about electric- there isn’t any in the walls I will be working with.  The hallway between the pantry and laundry room will get 2 canned lights.  So much more useful than the boob light that is there now.

But wait- there is more:)

Master Bedroom makeover

The most ignored room in the house is the Master bedroom.  It is long past due for paint, yanking out the carpet, and a new headboard/footboard.  Here is the plan

Paint- Revere Pewter from Sherwin Williams will be the paint color for the walls, and the ceiling will be white.

Floor- I want to do laminate- but we will wait til the more appropriate budget moment as it is a fairly big room

Bed- I am going to build our bed with a similar design to Pottery Barn’s Embarcadero bed- because while I would love to just buy one, I don’t have 2000 to spend on it.  Besides- I am building with a twist- I will include storage bed drawers as the mattress support- ridding myself of the box spring- and giving the room some storage.

Nightstands will be the matching Embarcadero design.

Decor wise- I don’t have a plan yet- although I have a design palette in mind- based on a pic I took while in Israel.  I am going to have to sew it – as they no longer make the duvet cover I wanted to buy.  I will also have a blanket ladder because sometimes Ori wants a blanket and sometimes he doesn’t.

So this is the plan for 2016- it will be a challenge to get everything done within a year, and within a budget- but when am I not up for that challenge:)



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