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The Pomeranch

When Ori and I met in 2000, it was through the SCA (a renaissance reenactment group) and Ori had only been in the US since 1997.   It was my birthday and I hadn’t been on a date in a couple of years, so I asked him out.  (very proactive, and not like myself at all, but so glad I did)  After that date and being together for 4 months, Ori’s student visa was ending.  I knew then that I couldn’t let that man walk out of my life, and we were married in Vegas.

Ori had a some money set aside- and a fear of debt equivalent to my sister Jennifer’s fear of spiders.  Ori was interested in owning some land, and a house, so we found a cute little property in Campbell, Tx.  It was far enough from Greenville that we felt like we were in the country, but to go to Greenville was only 15 mins by car.  We picked out a mobile home from Palm Harbor homes.  This was our home until 2003.  I remember when we moved in , it was the coldest, wettest winter.  Ori’s driving skills ended up with him in the ditch several times as the road to the property is a dirt road.  We had a well dug so we wouldn’t have to be on city water, and after the ground dried out enough, we had an asphalt driveway put in.  Our oldest son was born in 2002 while we lived in Campbell. Best thing about living out there and being pregnant in the summer was I could walk around in a sports bra and shorts and no one could see me.  We could go for walks down the country roads, with the occasional cars passing us, kicking up dust.  When you live in the country, your neighbors all wave, its very friendly.

In 2001, we moved to London England because Ori was working with an Israeli start up and this would put him on 4 hrs away in case he needed to go in the office.  We were there for 3 months, for the hottest summer on record.  We were subletting a flat from Ori’s cousin in St John’s Wood.  I loved this 3 months, we were planning an official wedding and getting to know each other.  But I was homesick, and wanted to visit home for my birthday (I had never spent a birthday away from my twin, ever)  While we were home for my birthday (September 8), 9/11 happened.  I was sitting on the couch at the Pomeranch and my sister called me.  She said turn on the TV right now!  I watched in horror as the 2nd plane hit the twin towers in New York.  Shortly after that, Ori’s startup called and said they couldn’t afford to keep us in London.  I didn’t dare let Ori go back to London, there were so many hate crimes toward anyone who looked even vaguely middle eastern.   My other sister Jennifer went with me to pack up the flat.  I did more sightseeing that week than I did the 3 months we lived there.  And home to the Pomeranch we came.

Funny thing was , while there were so many hate crimes in London, Campbell was a sea of calm- and even though it is in the heart of redneck country, our neighbors were calling to check on us, to make sure no one was causing trouble.

On further reflection though- I don’t think we were really country people- we spent almost everyday driving somewhere, into Greenville, into Dallas, anywhere but home.  And Ori was offered a job teaching security products in California.  I was apartment hunting with Itai in a front pack, so he must have been 6 months or so, and literally while touring an apartment, Ori called to say he was laid off.  So glad we had not committed yet.  2 weeks later we were in Austin, and have lived here ever since.  We sold some of our acreage a few years ago but retained some acres and the house.

Why did I tell you this long rambling story about the Pomeranch?  Well, it is bitter sweet, but we are about to sell all but .8 acres to the same people who bought the other acreage.  And this  started me down memory lane.  So much of our life is tied around that property.  It is the right decision to sell.  After a bad experience with a renter that involved him subletting the master bedroom to a series of women without our knowledge and one of them melted the master bath vanity cooking meth, we don’t want to deal with renters any more.  We can use the money more than the headache.  We close on the sale next week.  We still will retain .8 acres that my Mom and Dad’s house sit on.  They have lifetime access to the Well and Driveway.  But there is a bit of sadness in the sale.  There will always be a Pomeranch, even if it is wherever we are instead of acreage.  We can still visit the original Pomeranch, but from now on the Pomeranch will be in Pflugerville, TX.


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