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New Tools on the Horizon

Ok, I have accumulated a large variety of tools, I have my own miter saw and stand, table saw, hand saws, drills, reciprocating saws, small router and table, and circular saw and other stuff- but nothing has gotten me as excited as what I am about to buy.  My very first set of Festool tools.

I am planning on getting a track saw and an extra track so I can cut my plywood myself.  Orange is notorious for cutting my wood off square and when you start off unsquare, it is just not pretty.  I used to laugh at my dad when he was upset things were off by 1/8″ but now I am beginning to have sympathy for him.  Sorry I teased you Daddy.  I am so tired of crooked cuts and unsquare boxes.

Anyhoo- here is a video of the tracksaw in action- cannot wait to get this bad boy-

I also plan to get a Domino joiner- have you seen one of these things?- I am going to attach a video so you can see how truly awesome it is.  I will help me keep my joints square.  Domino Joiner-

I am going to get the Domino 500 (mostly because of cost, and partly because I don’t do a lot of heavy duty building)

I am also considering the router- although honestly- I already have a ryobi router that is sufficient- but Festool is such a good brand- anyone want to weigh in either way?  I can’t afford the router table right now- but is is on a wish list.

I considered the MPT 3 table- but the track saw is sufficient and I am spending enough money already- and I need a cutting table for 4×8 sheets of plywood and MDF.   The best thing about Festool is that they all run off of the same dust extraction and power cord system.  So I will be buying a dust extractor also- it won’t eliminate 100% of the sawdust but compared to the piles of sawdust I sweep up once in a blue moon and have been breathing for ages, it will be soooo much better.

I have a wish list of attachments and tools I also would like- but they will have to come later.

I will be writing an independent review of my new tools, so stay tuned- Independent because Festool is not providing the tools to me (darn it), I will be purchasing them with my hard earned money myself.


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