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Itai’s bed

For a long time Itai and Ari shared a room, mostly because Itai didn’t want to sleep alone.  He had a twin size bed, and Ari insisted on sleeping on the floor, like literally on the carpet, but then he let us give him a mattress.  Finally I talked him into a bed and started building the boys matching beds- based on this bed from Pottery Barn


I of course looked at it and said “I could make that” thanks to Ana-White who inspired women everywhere to know they can build too!  I kind of used a plan from Ana but also winged it- my first venture outside of actual step by step plans.  It turned out awesome- even if I still haven’t found a metal piece to put at the top for magnets.

I also gave him a footboard.

This bed was incredibly easy to build- Not near as detailed as the girls beds.

I started with the 4×4 posts cut to length- I wanted it tall so I used the dimensions from PB.  I used 2×12′s for the boards- but I looked for ones that had natural lines in them, almost like a split- but they weren’t split, that was just how it was milled.  I cut them to length with my 12″ sliding miter saw and then got to staining.  I used some custom stain I had tried to match to my original kitchen cabinets but was too dark.  I then drilled pocket holes in the middle boards into the 4x4s (and I used glue for strength) I did this for both the headboard and footboard.  Next I added the side boards, I used pocket holes, glue, and corner braces from the deck building section at home depot.  I also plan on adding bolts for decorative purposes.  Next came the slats and we were done.  This pic shows both the bed and the plywood floor.  Which I am happy to say is pinned and repinned everyday- does that mean I did well?


Shortly after I built Itai’s bed- and started on Ari’s bed, then Ari said he didn’t want a bed.  And slept on a mattress on the floor until a while back when Itai decided he wanted his own room and moved into the Spare Bedroom.   And then Ari decided he wanted Itai’s bed.  So we came full circle- I only built one of these beds in the end.  I still would like to find a metal piece to put at the top but it can wait.

I would like to build the kids desks soon, but can add this to the list of things I want to build:)  It is never ending.



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