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A Chronic Case of what?

Yes, I have to confess- I look at things all the time and say, “I can make that, I can do that, I can build that… ” Tell me I am not the only one.  Tell me I am not the only one who has a stack of Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Crate and Barrel, and Land of Nod catalogs lying around for inspiration.  I admit- I am addicted to Pinterest,, Sawdust Girl, Shanty 2 Chic- .  I want to be like them someday- a big blogger, who gets invited to Haven, who gets asked how I did something.

I have 4 young children (10 yr old boy, 8yr old boy, and 6 yr old girl twins).  I dabble in building furniture, professional photography, sewing boutique clothing, and I teach Israeli Dance every Tuesday night at the J in Austin, TX.  I also work a full time job.  I often want the nicer things (boutique clothing, Pottery Barn style furniture for instance) but I don’t have the money, and would want to spend the amount of money it would take to buy a house full of furniture from Pottery Barn. If you can’t buy it, make it is what I say.  I will be posting a few older projects and then will post what I have in store.  I hope I get a few readers, and at the very least I will have a record of my trevails.

btw- where does Pomeranch come from?  My married last name is Pomerantz- and we used to own 15 acres in East Texas that we called the Pomeranch.  We now live in Pflugerville, but we have kept the name.  See you soon.


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