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I am always working on something

Wow- it has been forever since I posted on this blog- but I am going to try my best to do better about it as I have all ...View full post »

Girls’ Beds Project Complete!

I am so happy to say the beds are built and completely done!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you are anxious for pictures- but lets l...View full post »

Girls’ Beds Project update from May 21, 2010

Ana of Knock-Off finally posted the plans for the corner unit- you have no idea how excited I am. I went this m...View full post »

The Girls’ Beds Project from April 18, 2010

The snowball effect hits the girls room!   Have you ever noticed that if you start a project, it will often snowball on...View full post »

The Girls’ Beds Project from April 5, 2010

Benches are coming together   Just a reminder- my project is the girls beds. I am basing them on Knock-off Wood’s...View full post »

Sanding, Sanding Sanding from March 28, 2010

Sanding, Sanding, Sanding   did I mention sanding? lol. The backsides of all the plywood except 3 are sanded, sanding s...View full post »

The Girls’ Beds project from March 10, 2010

New Project: Beds for the girls room   Having been inspired by Shanty2Chic, I followed her link to Knock-off Wood. Have...View full post »